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Unforgettable Emotions

The innovative and recognizable style
of ENRICO CAPRA creations.

The Company

A goldsmith workshop in a modern version. This is the environment in which ENRICO CAPRA jewels are borning. A creatives designers team that imagines the beauty declined in precious jewels, a staff that is involved in research and development with the aim to anticipate tastes and trends. A production heart where from the hands of skilled goldsmiths, the style and thought that characterizes the Italian fine jewelry takes shape.




Company profile

Craftsmanship & Design

The brand ENRICO CAPRA was created to gratify the mind and heart of the woman. From the marriage of the excellence of impeccable craftsmanship and refined design, ENRICO CAPRA transforms high quality materials into true works of art to be worn as a bold statement and lasting identity.
The company was founded in 1974 by Enrico Capra and a group of well-known professional, in the Capital of Italian Fine Jewellery with the objective of creating a modern design collections with original shapes and volumes. ENRICO CAPRA collections stand out for their harmonious and original shapes. Well proportioned and comfortable jewels, satisfying sight and incredibly comfortable to wear.


For over 40 years Enrico Capra takes inspiration from his travels in the city of fashion in Paris and Milan, covering the themes of imagination and creativity through a team of designers of which he himself is the director. The result: completely unique and contemporary designs where the precious light of diamonds is tempered by the warmth of Italian style.
Since the early years ENRICO CAPRA creates jewelry by thinking to women with a strong personality, unique identity and fascinating. Jewelry that never cease to amaze with their incredible beauty, full of life and harmony. The quality of the materials used and the skill in the processes are important features that allow ENRICO CAPRA to be proud continuously present in some of the most prestigious jewelers in the world.

Our journey

We believe that there are no shortcuts to success . We are convinced that the only formula is based on the continuous evolution of style and the development of new techniques to make jewelry – Design innovation and quality are the core values the characterize jewel ENRICO CAPRA. The company organizes exclusive presentations from loyal customers creating events of great charm and appeal.
The innovative and recognizable style of the ENRICO CAPRA creations, characterized by a refined taste, unique and highly feminine, made from the beginning the brand synonymous with elegance and distinction. The color combinations of noble materials used, the purity of precious gems and skill in working with gold blend together to create original and exclusive jewelry.

Our commitment

Putting the woman first of all, enhancing their femininity and seconding tastes. Due to its handmade nature, collaboration and comparison with the customer become synonymous with a high quality service that responds in real time to every need.
The decision to present the brand under his own name is a guarantee of authenticity and quality awareness of the collections, willingness to get involved in the first person. The logo is characterized by strong colors black background solar and elegant, the word orange lively and full of energy, the choice of font clear and harmonious to trace the characteristics of brand identity.

Enrico Capra
collections with forms and original volumes

Caprices de couleurs
Contemporary Forever
Mother Nature

Contact US

Registered address:

Capra S.r.l.
Via E.Panza, 127
15046 San Salvatore Monferrato (AL)
Tel: +39 0131 233176